International Patient Services

At Dignity Health International™ we understand that traveling for medical care can be stressful and difficult. Our International Patient Services team is comprised of multilingual professionals who are dedicated to helping patients and their family with coordinating all the details before, during, and after their treatment—so that they can focus on treatment and recovery. Our team will help seamlessly blend patients’ medical needs, individual preferences, cultural, linguistic, and religious expectations into an experience that is as close to home as possible.

Bringing world-class care to you

In collaboration with our physician partners, Dignity Health International also offers peer-to-peer remote second opinion reports based on comprehensive review of patient diagnoses and treatment options. In extending our clinical expertise, we are able to offer support to international physicians and give patients peace of mind without incurring travel expense.

Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center—located in Houston, Texas—is a recognized leader in research and clinical excellence that has given rise to breakthroughs in cardiovascular care, neuroscience, oncology, transplantation, and more. Baylor’s efforts have led to the creation of many research programs and initiatives to develop advanced treatments found nowhere else in the world. Baylor’s alliance with Texas Heart Institute® and Baylor College of Medicine connects patients to a powerful network of care unlike any other. Our collaboration is focused on increasing access to care through a growing network of leading specialists and revolutionizing health care to save lives and improve the health of the communities we serve. Learn more about Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center.

Barrow Neurological Institute—located in Phoenix, Arizona—has grown into one of the premier destinations in the world for neurology and neurosurgery since opening its doors as a regional specialty center in 1962. Barrow’s mission is to advance the knowledge and practice of medicine in neuroscience through basic and clinical research, education of medical professional, and innovation in clinical techniques and technology.

Performing more neurosurgical procedures annually than anywhere in the United States, Barrow’s experienced, highly skilled, and comprehensive team of neurological specialists can provide the complete spectrum of care—from diagnosis through outpatient neurorehabilitation—under one roof. Learn more about Barrow Neurological Institute.

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