Education Programs

Dignity Health International™ offers bespoke virtual and face-to-face education and training programs through its affiliated partners and facilities.

Online education: certificate & degree programs

Unlock the full potential of your workforce with Dignity Health Global Education (DHGE). Offering professional development and higher education courses that have been created specifically for health care, DHGE partners with top academic institutions and thought-leading industry professionals to enhance operational efficiency across health systems and provide the highest quality of patient care. DHGE addresses educational shortages in the entirety of the health care workforce, including nursing, leadership, analytics, project management, and entrepreneurship.

Face-to-face education programs

Dignity Health International offers in-person education programs delivered in collaboration with our affiliates. We work closely with global health care organizations to identify their top talent development, clinical advancement, and business needs to create customizable education and training programs.

DHI’s Clinical Observation Program is designed to give international clinical professionals—including physicians, nurses, and allied health staff—an informal opportunity to shadow their American colleagues in our affiliated facilities in the United States. Observation Program participants are able to witness best practices and systems and processes in a variety of real-world settings over a 4- to 12-week period including:

  • Patient care delivered in a variety of care settings (hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, etc.)
  • Best practices
  • Clinical operations (including procedures, surgeries, tumor boards)
  • Administrative functions
  • Continuing education events (symposiums, grand rounds, conferences)
  • Clinical research

Dignity Health International also offers in-person education and training services where you, our partners, are located. Education and training opportunities are fully customizable based on your need—from advising on quality management, reporting metrics, and performance improvement, to working hand-in-hand with your clinical teams on best practices in patient care.

Whether in the form of lending our clinical expertise through on-site education and training programs in specific clinical and non-clinical areas, symposiums, conferences, or other bespoke products, Dignity Health International can serve as a collaborative partner to further your business goals and strategies.

Federal regulations prevent clinical observers from having patient care responsibilities or involvement in any form of volunteer research.

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